Israel is a small country with broad flexibility in the field of real estate investments. As befits a geographically small country undergoing rapid economic development, Israel boasts a very active real estate market. Private individuals or business men who own blocks of land generally have immense difficulties in enhancing them (the implication of land enhancement is its assignment to a more profitable purpose, such as changing agriculture land into residential property) in order to reap the maximum financial profits from them. One of the main reasons for these difficulties is the complex regulations that exist in Israel.
The change in the land's assignment in Israel is reliant on many factors and authorities, such as:
  • The attitude of members of the local municipal council, to which the block of land belong to, such as the mayor and the chief engineer.
  • The master Plan of the specific region and the properties in the surrounding zone.
  • The master plan of the district to which the land belongs – Israel has 5 planning districts.
  • The members of the Committee that authorized the real estate approvals in that municipality (veada mekomit).
  • The members of the committee that authorized the real estate approvals in the relevant district (veada mechozit).
  • Environmental considerations around the block of land and the surrounding region, depends upon the new desired assignments.
  • The traffic conditions around the block area, as relevance to the new desired assignments.
  • How the new plan looks.
The management of many factors like those mentioned above, including the planners group is our specialty. An inexperienced person will be unable to enhance these blocks of land without the professional background of an expert familiar with property dealings who is capable of following through this long and complex process.

Meymad – Projects Managing is your address for the enhancement process of your blocks of land and this is thanks to Meymad's Chief Manager – Eng. Gerbi Yochanan – a well-known person here in this field for his expertise, knowledge and experience to lead the enhancement process of lands. Mr. Gerbi was Chief Engineer for more than 10 years of 2 medium sized municipalities, and for 4 years as a Chief Engineer of a committee that authorized the real estate approvals in that municipality (veada mekomit).

The enhancement process for lands must to be handled as an exculsive and distinctivel project because the inexpert handling of such a very complex and important process is liable to be damaging to you – The Owner.
What do we offer to you?
  • Evaluations to the blocks of lands.
  • Reports about the planning status, the assignments of the lands and the enhancement possibilities.
  • Financial reports of the land's status including Cost Estimation for contraction and development.
  • Managing the enhancement process of the lands, including legal consultation, supervision of the whole planing team, signing of contraacts - up until the approval of the land enhancement.
  • Continues consulting throughout the whole duration of the long process, so you can supervise the process up until its final approval.
  • Act as a trustee for you throughout the whole process, so that it will run smoothly and advance expeditiously.
  • Nondisclosure commitment.
For more information or any special questions, please contact us at:
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